Day 3: you can never get enough seersucker!

itssimplykatexx asked:
loved your latest seersucker ootd!!

Thanks! Be on the look out for another seersucker ootd today! Yes I know, I’ve been wearing a lot of seersucker lately, but can you blame me??

The beach and ray-bans



Bringing this back. Tea Party by P Unit 


It’s seersucker season y’all!

This is South Carolina!



Ah yes finally a keyboard for me

If you ain’t talking money, I don’t wanna talk

a-prep-in-her-step asked:
wow your blog is amazing!!

Thanks! I appreciate it! Very soon I’ll have my own blog site! I’ll let everyone know when it’s all finished and ready to launch! There will be way more stuff on there to look at.

Featured on the Vineyard Vines Instagram account with the triplets!

Ladies are seer-suckers for boys in bow ties!

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